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„Helping weak, getting stronger“

European Voluntary Service
"Helping weak, getting stronger"
Torun, Poland
6 months from May/June, 2018


„HEAR : HElp And Respect“

Athens, Greece
8.05.18 - 07.05.18

„My experience in Bulgaria“

Author: The great
Croatian Team

„Young people for the countryside”

11-20, April, 2018
Tiszaladány, Hungary

„Helping global development“

Alicante, Spain

“Sport is your health, sport is your life“

10-14. 01. 2018
Agropoli, Italy

„Let‘s change the world together!“

11-19. 03. 2018
Kaunas, Lithuania

„Face to face: live libraries in youth…“

05.03 – 10.03.2018
Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland

„Да поработим, за да работим“

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