“My experience in Bulgaria”

My experience in Bulgaria

“My experience in Bulgaria was very, very good

I loved rakija, I loved the food.

I drank it so much, more than I could

It’s a thing that really changed my mood.

People were friendly, no one was rude

If they asked me to come again, I definitely would.


Come, my friend, there is a spicy one for you

Oh, I changed my mind – let’s take two.

What I’m about to say, everything is true.

This exchange helped me change my point of view

And I must say, we’re one good crew.

I made not one friend, but a few

All together, our knowledge grew.


We had a cultural exchage

These people are no longer strange

Some of them got out of the cage

I have become a cultural mage.

Now I’m not scared to talk on the stage

I found a way to manage my rage.

Now, let’s turn a new page.


We laughed so much I could barely move

Learned new dances, the bulgarian groove.

Is there anything else left to prove?

Greeting from the Croatian team

I hope our poem will make you scream”


Author: The Croatian Team


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