“World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development”

Because of the 21 May – World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development – we, the volunteers at CYA presented each of our countries, which are France, Italy, Romania and Spain, to the elderly people at the Centre for Social Integration and Rehabilitation. We carried out a presentation about our country, accompanying it with a traditional dish.

The first thing that the elderly people saw was the presentations, showing each one of the groups their country in a different way. The Spanish team bet for an energetic presentation, showing to the people their food, interesting places, important events and traditional dances. The Romanian team preferred a presentation more theoretical and shared basic knowledge about their country. The French team prepared an animated presentation, accompanied by music and lavender, presenting each part of France and its different dishes. Finally, the Italian team made an informal and funny presentation, showing Italy in a different way. During the presentations, the volunteers had a problem with the sound, due to the centre didn’t have a good sound equipment, but despite that, our volunteers managed to do the best, doing a really nice presentations.

After the presentations, the people moved to a near table to taste a bit of each country. The Spanish team prepared for this occasion two traditional Spanish omelettes, called “Tortilla”, made from potatoes and eggs. The Italians, showing one of the most well-known dishes, made pasta, but don’t a simple one, because they prepared it with different sauces. And finally, the French team prepared a Ratatouille, a dish composed by a mix of different types of vegetables.

At the end of the session, we enjoyed and we saw how the people of the elderly centre enjoyed too. Great food, amazing presentations and nice people, all in one place.


Author: “The Change is in You” Association`s volunteers