Treasure hunt: family edition

After seeing that the kids enjoyed a lot the Summer Camp and the different activities that the volunteers organized for them, the volunteers came up with the idea of making a treasure hunt for them, but in this occasion, including their families. For this, the first treasure hunt that the team developed was redesigned to improve it. At the end, an amazing, but simple, treasure hunt born.

The day of the game, a lot of people, more than twenty, came to play and enjoy with us the good weather and the game, having families willing to run and to have fun. During the development, all was working right, finishing all the teams the track in less than one hour.

For the winners, and linked with a healthy lifestyle, Emmeline prepared raw-vegan biscuits made from dates, figs and another fruits. But for the losers, we also had a plate with these candies, to give them opportunity of enjoying and tasting this kind of food.


Author: “The Change is in You” Association`s volunteers