“Training course for mediators”

International Training Course
“Training course for mediators: civil rights, socioeconomic development, interethnic relations and minorities”



The main objectives of the project are associated with the widespread recognition of the value of Non-formal education and promoting active youth participation and citizenship, and in particular:

• To encourage the “independent acknowledgement” of informal education through trainings on social and multicultural mediation-international acknowledgement of the competencies and acquisition of the corresponding legal capacities and qualifications;

• To give the specific skills and knowledge about “civil mediation” to youth leaders and workers, working in the spheres of: local development, “good management”, civil rights, partnership;

• To advocate for on-going consultation mechanisms involving youth NGOs and for their inclusion in decision making processes on issues related to education, job opportunities, social responsibility and intercultural understanding activities;

• To develop active collaboration among local NGOs, LAs, EU institutions through the creation of sustainable networks of youth mediators for exchange of good practices and ideas.

Activities and target group: 9 days training course with 30 participants (youth workers, youth leaders, activists, trainers) from 9 NGO’s from 9 countries.