International Youth Exchange


Project description:

The project “Ride Your Way 2” was designed for young people who are physically or socially inactive due to the overuse of IT, gadgets, mobile phones and social networks. The idea is to include young people in cycling activities such as mountain biking, organization of cycling events and show them the benefits of active and healthy lifestyle. This way the participant can use this knowledge and skills to motivate people in their own communities to make positive changes in their lives.

Why to “Ride your way”?

In this project the participants will be involved in preparing and participating in mountain bike trips, Creating a short movie about project activities / outcomes, outdoor activities and take part in organization and  Promotion of an international bike festival DEFYING GRAVITY as well as having fun during the festival.  Experiencing and participating in these activities will learn that bicycling is a great way of changing or improving lifestyle in more healthier and sustainable way. Through gaining this kind of new skills and experiences  participants will be motivated to promote this kind of lifestyle in their organizations, local communities and short movie will be used to support that. Samobor is very attractive for cycling activities because of the nearby mountains and more than 200km of marked bike trails that are marked as unique type of wildlife.



  • Introduction to mountain biking and mountain bike disciplines
  • Education for providing first aid in case of accident
  • Bike handling skills workshop
  • Workshop for cycling trip preparations
  • Mountain bike trip to the local hills and mountain home
  • Safe riding / traffic awareness workshop
  • Participating  in DEFYING GRAVITY, as well as helping with organization and promotion
  • Introduction to ERASMUS+ programme
  • Presentation of 8 key competences and Youthpass



“Hostel Samobor”


And here is what the participants shared about the project:

“Our small group arrived at the appointed place at dawn – a beautiful morning greeted us with the smell of limes. We deleted exudes eyes and our day began with a visit to the capital of Croatia – Zagreb and its buildings, streets and squares, because our time was limited and small and secret staircases and parks had to go back again, as we did. Of course there was no way not to try the local food, especially sweet temptations in small shops and markets. The long way allow the Bulgarian group to get to know each other and unite to find common interests, which had the benefit of what we expected – a saturated and intense program in which each day was more anticipated and exciting. And what it was – of course, teamwork, energizers, joint decision-making, general discussions, share ideas, their implementation and since so well working methods of non-formal education. In our eyes and heads went problems and prospects of cycling as a lifestyle enriched with tricks “how we do it ” and motivation for future partnerships. We are grateful for the attitude of the organizer – always with understanding and concern with adequacy and adaptability as well as for his professionalism during the design of the project, because we had great and intense program – trip, talk and game in the mountain folk dance evening, visiting the oldest shop for bicycles  and old stone castle, practically on two wheels in the area and even other pleasant things, along with the usual sessions in the hall. We got to know people from different countries, their mentality, even what problems they have in their country. All of us are  both different and at the same time we have very similar lifestyle. And what united us  was the outdoor sports and nature.

Perhaps the favorite part for the most participants, which appeared as the culmination of everything was the “Defying Gravity Festival” with our special participation. In addition, we saw impressive skills, bicycles tricks and a lot of courage, there was extreme in small doses and for us – check their agency, but with it various ways to feel better festival personally – slackline, rock climbing, graffiti and break dances.
Unforgettable 10 days, 30 young people and countless smiles and memories for a lifetime. And after everything we  done and the few hours of sleep, there is always something to make you want to participate in this kind of project again, so –  hope to see you again anywhere in world!”


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