During my EVS I’ve had several experiences with locals, but also with other volunteers that deal with pasta and unfortunately for them I am Italian, so from time to time I’ve got to say that I’ve seen things that you humans cannot imagine, for quoting the famous blade runner.

Let’s start with the name: here is called macaroni but normally we define maccheroni only 1 specific variety of pasta, which is the most notorious and simple by the way, the one that is tubular and with a hole inside, nothing more and nothing less.

On the other hand I’ve had to admit that the origin of the terms is pretty fun, according to Giovanni alessio the possible derivation are two: one is “μαχαρία macharíafrom the ancient greek that could be roughly translated in “holy barley soup” and I had to say it that I can totally agree on the use of holy…but barley soup?!these Greeks…

The second possible origin is μακαρώνεια makarnia, it come from the east Tracia from Giacomo di

Bulgaria in the XIII century and the translation is even more funnier cause it literally mean “Funeral dishes”, clearly in the past they had serious problem with this delicious meal

But moving forward here it is for you a very simple list of what NOT to do, or to be more realistic a list of what not to do when there is some Italian nearby.

1) Do NOT put the pasta before the water is boiling

2) Do NOT put the sauce together with the pasta while it’s boiling, not before, not during, exclusively

after that the pasta is ready

3) Do NOT boil the pasta in the pan

4) Do NOT do it, I’m serious

5) Do NOT put liutenitza as a sauce, or do it like I do but be sure that there is no Italian nearby, the

mafia is still very strong and they do not forgive

6) Do NOT put milk or make it sweet, actually Is the same like the previous point, you can do it but be


7) Do NOT think that is hard to cook, even I that I can barely prepare something without burning I can

do it so for sure you can too!

Now let’s eat!

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