It was the beginning of September when we knew that we have been selected for an EVS project in Bulgaria. Not even the time to realize it that we have to leave and fly here! We’d like to say we’ve had a dangerous and adventurous journey, except from Matteo who has been confused with a terrorist at the airport, nothing special happened… neither a delay!

So here we are, in a small town exactly in the middle of Bulgaria, Tryavna. Before leaving we looked for this place on google maps and… yes, we have to confess we wondered where we were going. But how to describe our surprise when we visited the town for the first time!?! It’s totally different from our expectation!! Well, of course it’s not Sofia, London, or Turin, but it has its own charm. The little city center is really nice and full of restaurants, mexanà (typical Bulgarian place, where you can eat traditional food, drink and have fun), touristic shops and handcrafted laboratories.

(What the fuck??? Wasn’t it supposed to be a boring little town?)

What a surprise discovering that we arrived in a touristic town, famous thanks to a lot of historical monuments – such as the old clock tower, and several museums. Also we have to say that this village is mainly known for its woodcraft tradition, everything here is made of wood… so be careful to fires!!! But the most important Tryavna’s goods are… PAJAMAS!!!!!!! Yes, it’s not a joke, you cannot walk 5 meters without seeing at least 10 pajamas’ shops… how to say, we have ended up in the pajamas’ town!!!

Exo & exo AleTeo