“On the field”

The field.

One of the activities that took a lot of time to our volunteers is the work at the field. It has a lot of history, plenty of complications and difficulties, but our volunteers showed to everyone that they are comprehensive and hardworkers, going over all the problems and fighting until the end.

The history of the field starts with the problems to have it. A lot of paperwork and meetings at the Municipality were done by the organization to provide them this piece of dreams, while the volunteers helped with that work, making a precise plan about the things that they wanted to make there. For that, the volunteers researched on Internet about different kind of ideas, filtering them and choosing the best ones for them. After that, they designed the field, they set where to put the different things, a list of materials needed for making each one real and the sizes of each one. Finally, after fighting, all together, volunteers and coordinators, went to the plenary session at the municipality, where the city councillors were voting if giving the field to the organization or not. After all, all the city councillors voted yes and the dream started to be real.

After that, our volunteers started with the work doing the most important thing before starting to raise the different things, uncovering the path. The field, our field, has a rock path going around and connecting the different parts of the neighbourhood, a path that is used by the neighbours all the time. The issue was that this path is approximately one meter width, being only visible twenty or thirty meters. Then, the first thing that the volunteers did, was uncovering the path, removing the soil and the plants. Additionally, they had the idea of putting a small rock fence around the borders of the path, which was nice and also could help a bit to stop the plants and the soil going on the path.

Meanwhile the work at the path was going forward, the Еmmeline and Marion started to make a spiral at the field.

After finishing with the path, the volunteers split and started to prepare the games and decoration made from tyres, like the minions, the well, and to colour the tiles for making a Cyrillic alphabet at the field. Meanwhile, the others repainted the repaired the slide, the fences and the different games for kids that were at the field, making something unexpected and really nice.

After finishing with that, our volunteers started to build a castle made from natural materials (soil, clay, straw and rocks) at the same time that they started to put the different games with tyres. Put the tyres and tiles turn into a main thing to do, or at least to hide, because the kids were playing with them and at the same time, breaking them. Then the volunteers had one similar problem when the kids started to walk on the wall of the castle, but they spoke with them and after that and some signs, they understood what were the things for. Andrei made some tables and chairs for the field and Marion helped him to make a nice tyre-swing.

Unfortunately for the volunteers, they couldn’t build a gazebo, due to the security rules. But anyway, they supported the building at some points, helping to collect the material and finishing the gazebo, varnishing it.


Author: “The Change is in You” Association`s volunteers