"Learning 2B Together"

International Training Course
“Learning 2B Together”

6th-12th of November, 2017.
Elche, Spain



The platform Learn Together Web (http://www.learntogetherweb.eu/) is proud to announce a new project fostering social inclusion by learning together, “Learning 2B Together”. After “Play Together, Learn Together”, where we gathered to learn and share methods promoting social inclusion through sports; “Live Together, Learn Together”, where youth workers were visiting, sharing and improving local initiatives that promote social inclusion through coexistence and youth participation; It’s the moment for “Learning 2B Together”, a project that aims to empower and support youth workers in the importance of working with youngsters from a gender equality point of view.
These are the goals of the project:
– To know the reality of the gender role & gender equality in the participant countries.
– To reflect about non-sexist communication.
– To exchange good practices & tools about gender equality based activities with youngsters.
– To analyze & reflect about the way that mass media deals with gender equality
– To create a Video-Decalogue with practical advices for working with youngsters from a gender equality perspective.

Participant`s profile required:

There is no age limit to participate in this seminar; however we set a minimum of 20 years old to be able to participate in this project.

Having experience in Erasmus + field is not mandatory, but we are asking for participants who already have experience with working with youngsters. Youth workers that would like to share, exchange and learning good practices about youth work from a gender equality point of view.

Participants will be selected between the hosting and partner organization upon of their experience, motivation and knowledge about the topic. However, we will try to keep a gender balance and a “knowledge” balance, allowing creating a comfortable space to learn from each other.

Total number of participants: 25
2 from Greece, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania
3 from Jordan, Serbia
5 from Spain
Selection of participants will be done between partner and hosting organization. Every participant interested in participant should fill this candidacy online form:
By 15th of October, at latest, we will communicate the final decision on eligible participants.
However, we may confirm you before if the partners & the hosting organization decides so.


The accommodation will be in a 3 star hotel TRYP Ciudad de Elche ***, in the very center of the city of Elche. However we encourage you to find more information about the accommodation and the city of Elche on the internet Rooms will be distributed preferably by gender and 2 participants per room. In case of any inconvenience, hosting organization and the hotel will try to find the best solution.
The TRYP Ciudad de Elche is located in the heart of Elche, near the Basilica of Santa María, the Municipal Park, the Jardines Huerto del Cura, the Congress Centre, the MAHE (Archaeological Museum), the main shopping area of the city, the best restaurants and the hot spots of Elche.
Avda. Joan Carles I, 7
Alicante – Elche 03203
N +38º 15′ 59.83″ / W -0º 41′ 41.35″

Working methods:

All the training will be done through the methods of non-formal education. The activities will be for example brain storming’s, plenary discussions, simulations, role plays, team building, energizers, ice breakers and many others. Non formal education we remember you that is voluntary, no hierarchical and all its methods are based on the concept of learning by doing.

From a general point of view, we will be working with a non-formal education approach and methodology. The program includes activities such as round tables, debates, and workshops held by a facilitator to create a common space for sharing and learning from each other. We will also have outside talks and speakers that will present their experiences & knowledge with us. Finally, we will gather all that knowledge in a video created by the participants that might help other youth workers to take in consideration a gender equality approach in the youth work.
There will be three different working spaces, all of them within a range of 5-7 minutes walking distances from the accommodation. Our main working space will be an old convent working as a cultural space built on 1270 over the ruins of an Arab bath, “Convent de la Mercè”. The other two working spaces will be used only certain times, in the Hotel Tryp Ciudad de Elche and the headquarters of Fundación Salud Infantil.

What to bring with me:

  • You need to bring personal hygiene stuff (like shampoo, gel, etc.)and your personal items
  • There is not hairdryer at location, so you should bring it if needed
  • You don’t need to bring towels for the shower
  • Shower slippers
  • Sport shoes that can be used for general outdoor activities
  • You should bring some shoes and clothes appropriate for cold mountain area
  • There will be drinking water in location
  • Any medicine you think you will need during your stay in Romania
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • Your European health card
  • Please bring one laptop in your team!
  • Your positive energy  !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Boarding Passes (Original)
  • Tickets from bus, train, ferry (Original)
  • The original receipt of travel agency and the e-ticket with the amount of the travel expenses
  • Your Visa and original receipts of any related costs (if available)
  • Information about the situation of gender equality, and gender equality in your country.
  • Strategies, best practices and ideas involving gender equality and social inclusion in your country related with youth work.

Intercultural night:

We usually dedicate two nights to the intercultural evening presentation.
What we expect from you to present in these nights are: local or national dances, local music, games, little sweets, drinks, pictures, etc. from your countries.
Every country will prepare a short presentation of their culture, using all kinds of methods. It’s preferred a short and FUNNY presentation, such as showing pictures and commenting it, quiz, short video (either already existing or made by you), etc. (YES – use your creativity!). For the intercultural night, we ask you to prepare in advance a brief performance (singing, your traditional music, popular dances) to present your group (typical costumes are really welcomed!).
The main idea of this presentation is: What is important for a stranger to know about my country?
Any kind of presentation is granted, better not to do a power-point presentation to avoid yawning.
The Intercultural night is the “most wanted event” on the beginning of the youth exchange. It is a sort of traditional night opened to all participant audience made up of our group leaders, youth workers, facilitators, participants to the exchange. All National groups are asked to perform briefly (10 for your NGO and country/city not more, and 10 min for traditional dances and music) in order to introduce their self. Certainly, we need your enthusiasm and energy!!
For the Intercultural evening a Swedish buffet (cold buffet) will be organized. Here every country will bring traditional food dishes. The food that will be brought must be eatable without any processing (boiling, frying, etc). The dishes must also be accompanied by a brief description (their origin and ingredients, the way they are eaten…)

Travel Costs:

100% of the participants‘ travel costs will be reimbursed within the valid budget sums calculated according to the official rules of Erasmus+ programme. If a sum exceeds the limit, the excess will be paid by the participants themselves. The reimbursement limit is 360€ per participant from Bulgaria.

Reimbursement of the travel costs will only be done after submitting all original tickets, receipt/invoices, boarding passes and later sending of the return documents and boarding passes. Save the boarding passes from your airport check in as well. Please, be aware that in case you loose any invoices or tickets we will not be able to reimburse the cost. Reimbursement will be done in EURO, regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket and receipt/invoice according to the official currency exchange rate of European Commission.

! Note: in case of higher travel cost, you will need to cover excess yourself.

Please note that full completion and attending to the programme is mandatory to qualify for a refund. There can be no late arrivals or early departures. If you wish to stay longer for a touristic visit, please consider that the extra days prior or after the seminar are at your own expenses as there will be little time for this during the programme.

Important: It will be send only one bank transfert per Country . The recipient of the reimbursement is the partner association, not the participants according to the funding National Agency rules. To receive reimbursement participants should attend all the planned progamme elements (before, during and after the project activities).

Financial support:

Project is supported by “Erasmus+” program. Accommodation, meals, program and travel cost (based on distance) are covered from grant. There is NO participation fee. However, 15 BGN will be deductuted from the travel costs or paid to the sending organisation from each participant, in order to be covered the different taxes, related to the participation of each representative from Bulgaria (bank transfer fees, post expenses, difference in the exchange rates, etc.). In case the organisation is covering the tickets, each participant must transfer a guarantee of 100 BGN, to the organisation`s public bank accont to ensure his/her`s participation and if he/she cancels his/her`s participation, the sum will be used to cover the change of the name for the flight ticket, which has been bought already.


The travel insurance is not mandatory but it is highly reccommended. It costs 1 BGN/day and covers all the common injuries during projects up to 5000 Euro. Our organization is not covering insurance, it is individual, but we are going to support you to obtain a proper insurance for the duration of the project. For more information about the insurance, contact us.


Every participant is individually entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate, which confirms participation and validates the non-formal learning (NFL) experience of Training course project. Validating the learning experiences of participants is important in itself and the document can be of benefit in terms of the educational or employment future of the participant. Through Youthpass the European Commission ensures the Training course activity is recognized as a non-formal learning experience.
(*For more information on Youthpass you may click on this page to check it online)

Applicants MUST:

  1. Have a vilidе ID/International passport.
  2. Possess valid European Health Card.
  3. Fill in the application form and send it to: stanimir.chukov@gmail.com – APPLICATION FORM
  4. Fill in and sign this Participant Agreement.
  5. Check the conditions your participation will be evaluated – Final evaluation form


In the title of the e-mail, write down the name of the project.
Empty e-mails will be deleted automaticaly