“It’s coffee time”

It’s coffe time

The origin of coffee is ancient and the legends associated with this drink are manifold. The most famous and also the prettiest takes place in Ethiopia, considered the homeland of coffee. This legend attributes the discovery of coffee to a shepherd of Ethiopian goats named Kaldi, who observing his flock noticed that it became particularly active after eating certain red berries, so he decided to taste them too and discovered the energetic effect of the berries of coffee. Later he shared his discovery with the local monks who learned to prepare a sort of stimulating infusion, to be consumed during the long nights of prayer.

When coffee arrived in Italy, the Church immediately declared it a “drink of the devil”, condemning the habit of frequenting the “Cafes”, considered “caves of perdition”. So that Pope Clement VIII decided to taste coffee and after appreciating its taste, he blessed it as a Christian drink.

Far from being an infusion of the devil, today coffee is considered the most popular drink in the world after water!

Coffee arrived in Italy from Venice: the first European coffee was opened in Venice in 1645. Italian coffee, known worldwide as an Espresso, was invented in Turin in 1884 becoming the symbol of Italian culture in the world .

For Italians, coffee is much more than just a drink and it’s part of its lifestyle and its conviviality. Around a good coffee you can chat, take a few minutes to yourself and relax. It’s for this reason that a bad coffee makes Italians in a bad mood, while a good coffee brighten up their day.

Coffee is a pleasure, if it is not good, what pleasure is it?

In Naples it’s said that a good coffee must be loaded, warm and comfortable.

In the past it was a good habit among the high Neapolitan society to order a “suspended coffee”.

It was used in bars in Naples, when a person was particularly happy because he had something to celebrate or because he had started the day well, he drank a coffee and paid two, for those who would come later and couldn’t pay for it.

It was a coffee offered…to humanity. From time to time someone appeared at the door and asked if there was “a suspended coffee”…and often received a smile in return.

If you enter in a bar at any time, pay attention to what is happening around you: you won’t find ten people ordering the same kind of coffee!

At the bar Italian people order their coffee in completely different ways and related to their personal taste: in a cup or in a glass, with hot or cold milk, double or long…for this reason Italian baristas must be the most patient people in the world 🙂


Author: Giada (An EVS volunteer)


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