“European Solidarity Design”

European Voluntary Service
“European Solidarity Design”

Bucharest, Romania
Activity 1: 6 months from 01. 09. 2018


Summary of the project:

The name of this EVS project is European Solidarity Design (in the sense of creation) and this selection will be for the second stage of the project.

ESD‘s goal is to to develop promotional actions for the new Erasmus + Program European Solidarity Corps targeting youth from the local communities of all organizations involved in this project through the visual communication design.


Main Activities :

– promoting solidarity through non-formal activities based on Visual Practices and Forum Theatersessions with youngsters

– designing and leading Lessons for children in schools and kindergartens about solidarity trough artistic and visual activities

– clinical animation in 4 different hospitals for children

– running Visibility and managing Social Networks of the project posting artworks and movies about solidarity created by themselves and sharing posts related to solidarity

– creating a Toolkit about Visual Practices for solidarity used during the project stage and creating a Magazine that can disseminate the project results

– performing Shadows Theatre spectacles for children on the solidarity topic

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for an 18-30* years old volunteer who has:

– motivation to live and work in a big European Capital
– motivation to work with youngsters and children (also disadvantage one)
– basic knowledge of English
– interest to Visual Communication, Visual Arts and Multimedia
– interest to psycho-pedagogy and childhood education
– possibility to bring a laptop (if is not possible do not worry 😉)

*Lower age limits: Participants must have reached the minimum age at the start date of the activity.
Upper age limits: Participants must not be older than the indicated maximum age.

Registration of your profie in European Solidarity Corps – Initiative :
In order to strengthen the cohesion and foster the solidarity in European society, a European Solidarity Corps has been set up by the European Commission to create a community of young people willing to engage in a wide range of solidarity activities, either by volunteering or gaining occupational experience in helping to resolve challenging situations across the European Union and beyond.
In its initial phase, the European Solidarity Corps builds on the currently existing EU Programmes. One of the principal funding schemes contributing to the European Solidarity Corps is the European Voluntary Service. The European Solidarity Corps will thus give impetus and greater visibility to European Voluntary Service activities, while putting volunteering at European level within a larger framework and adding further long-term volunteering opportunities.
More information about the European Solidarity Corps Initiative and how to get involved and to be registered : https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity.
For activities falling within the scope of the European Solidarity Corps (i.e. services lasting 2 to 12 months and taking place a Programme Country) , partner organizations are strongly encouraged to select their EVS volunteers making use of the European Solidarity Corps database where young people to engage in volunteering activities register their profile.
For this reason , please do not forget to register your profile in European Solidarity Corps – Initiative.


You will live in a flat (2-3 or 4 rooms) especially rented for volunteers. The apartments have 2 bathrooms and one kitchen.
Everything you need for cooking facilities (pots, pans, cutlery) we have it. In the flats there will be some towels provided, but you are free to bring your personal ones. We don’t have computers in flats, but wireless internet access is provided, so if you have a portable computer that you want to bring you can have access, too.

Normally cleaning the house is your job, but we reserve our right to call a cleaning company once per month in your flat, which will be paid from your allowance, if you don’t keep the rooms clean. A cleaning company service for your apartment could cost around 15/20€ per person, if you will divide the cost between you. Each one of you will receive a key from the apartment. Please take care of it. If you will lose it we must change the all door mechanism. The one who loses the key must pay for this operation.

Project language:

The language of your project will be English during the work time and you will learn Romanian too. Romanian language courses will be provided by a professional teacher and/or a volunteer. They are not mandatory, but are strongly recommended due to the daily work with of the volunteers.

Monthly allowance:

Every volunteer will receive 60€ per month for food. In the common kitchen you can prepare the food by yourself or you can decide together the best solution to cook. Another 60€ per month will be your pocket money. Also more extra money 30€ will come at the end of every month. From this money we will keep just 10€ per month to buy in your place cookies, coffee, tea, fruits and salty snacks for the coffee breaks in the office.

Local Transportation:

You will receive a bus-ticket per month for the whole town of Bucharest, metro ticket and a phone card for Orange company (10€). So, please bring your mobile phones with you.

Travel cost reimbursement:

100% of the participants‘ travel costs will be reimbursed within the valid budget sums calculated according to the official rules of Erasmus+ programme. If a sum exceeds the limit, the excess will be paid by the participants themselves. The reimbursement limit is 180 € per participant from Bulgaria.

Important: In order to obtain reimbursement for the tickets, you need to obey the following rules:
1) You need to present ALL THE TICKETS, including RETURN TICKETS, which you will send after realization of the project, otherwise YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED (DO NOT FORGET TO KEEP YOUR BOARDING PASSES FROM AIRPORT CHECK-IN)
2) You need to use PUBLIC TRANSPORT e.g. planes, trains, buses, trams or underground.
3) You need to depart from the country.
4) It is recommended to make scans of tickets before your arrival in case you lose them. The reimbursement will be done only in euros.


Every participant should have valid European Health Card.
Each participant will get full health insurance provided by CIGNA health insurance company.

All volunteers in A.C.T.O.R. need to provide a criminal record and medical analyses in order to prove to be suitable to work with vulnerable target groups, mainly kids in hospitals. These documents should be provided before the departure by scan copies and in original copy once here in Bucharest. So, please, don’t forget your criminal records and medical analyses! Pay attention to all your travel tickets and boarding passes.
Also check if you have the signed agreement with you.


Every participant is individually entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate, which confirms participation and validates the non-formal learning (NFL) experience of Training course project. Validating the learning experiences of participants is important in itself and the document can be of benefit in terms of the educational or employment future of the participant. Through Youthpass the European Commission ensures the Training course activity is recognized as a non-formal learning experience.
(*For more information on Youthpass you may click on this page to check it online)

Relevant documents and links about the EVS:

EVS Info KIT: http://éc.éuropa.éu/youth/tools/évs-info-kit_én.htm
Erasmus+ Commission Website: http://éacéa.éc.éuropa.éu/érasmus-plus_én
Erasmus+ Home Page: http://éc.éuropa.éu/programmés/érasmus-plus/
Erasmus+ Programmed Guide: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/sites/erasmusplus/files/files/resources/erasmus-plus-programme-guide_en.pdf
Erasmus+ Youth: http://éc.éuropa.éu/youth/indéx_én.htm
Youth pass Page: https://www.youthpass.éu/én/youthpass/for/évs/subpagé/
Voluntary Agreement: will be shared with the selected candidates (Hosting organisation`s decision)


In order to apply, fill in this APPLICATION FORM


You can also check ours:

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FB group – Сдружение “Промяната е в Теб” – гр. Трявна
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