“Culture is in the air”

International Youth Exchange
“Culture is in the air”


General info about the project:

Dates: 14 May 2016-23 May 2016
Venue: Pedoulas village, Cyprus
Pedoulas is known for its 12 churches, varying from a 15th-century chapel to a 1930s cathedral. Pedoulas is a village in the Nicosia District of Cyprus, located at an altitude of 1100 m in the Troodos Mountains.

– 5 participants per country 16- 30.
– 1 group leader for each country – no age limit.

Participant countries:
– Bulgaria
– Cyprus
– Croatia
– Italy
– Lithuania
– Romania


Summary of the project:

The project activities included a variety of non-formal methods and practical workshops.
Each country group was responsible to prepare a traditional workshop as following:
– Bulgaria – Woodcarving and wood painting
– Croatia – Technique of painting eggs for Easter with the help of wax and discover the Slavic symbols and traditional colours and their signification among Slavic cultures.
– Italy – Vietri sul Mare Ceramic Workshop
– Lithuania – Traditional jewelleries
– Romania – Workshop to construct Traditional Romanian Puppet BI-BA-BO
– Cyprus – Halloumi workshop

The program was composed of a variety of non-formal methods and practical workshops. During the exchange days there were planned experiential session with the aim of increasing participants intercultural sensitivity and combat stereotypes and increase their tolerance.
The project developed several competences of young people in the area of developing intercultural awareness and a sense of understanding culture and adapt multiculturalism as a value.
Our participants  had the chance to meet and know the hospitality of Cyprus. In the same time, the organizers shared as many of their traditions as they could. For example there was a workshop of preparing Halloumi cheese, visits of some local factories, etc.
Apart from the practical activities, there  were several workshops in order to increase participants intercultural awareness, trips and lots of fun!

Accommodation, food and materials were fully covered by the hosting organisation.
Transportation was covered according to the rules of Erasmus +.