“Acting Out Conflicts”

International Training Course
“Acting Out Conflicts”
24.11. – 01.12., 2017
Klaffer am Hochficht, Austria


In the peace of the Austrian mountains late November gathered 27 youth workers in order to make them more tolerant, more skillful and more educated in the field of conflict resolution.

Team work games, Theatre of the Oppressed Methods, Improvisation Theatre, card games and others were among the interactive non-formal methods applied during the training course.

The “Kinderfreunde” organization, which hosted the event, together with the Italian trainer Laris Guerri and the Austrian trainer Wolfgang Rohm proved their absolute professionalism. Perfectly planned programme, which didn’t cause any exhaustion thanks to the diversity of activities which took turn, together with the coziness of the accommodation and the delicious food in bulk predisposed all the participants to feel like home, to make close friends, to share delicate moments of their lives and give freedom to all emotions.

The topic of conflicts was thoroughly examined from all points of view – artistic, theoretical, practical. Methodologies were discussed and tools were presented to help the participants in their work with kids and youngsters back home. In addition, extra classes, which theatre teacher Wolfgang Rohm organized for the volunteers in the late evenings made them more initiative and empowered them with even more games and exercises.