“Fighting social exclusion through”

International Training Course
“Fighting social exclusion through sport …”

4th-12th of December, 2017.
Noisy-le-Grand, France


In the youth exchange “Fighting social exclusion through sport” in the period 04.12-12.12.2017 In Noisy le Grand, Paris, France, we learned how to deal with  social exclusion and that our mother tongue should not stop us from understanding the person next to us and there is always a way to get to know each other. We have learned that sport requires sportsmanship, and the color of the skin or origin does not define your abilities. An example of this was that most of the participants were from different nationalities such as Germany, Egypt, the Czech Republic, Spain, Madagascar, Nigeria, Romania and others. This was not an obstacle for us, it even helped us get to know each other, learn more about other countries and their cultures, religion and language. We’ve compared our views on the world, mentality, and that discrimination is the same regardless of which country. Through sport, we haven’t only learned how to work as a team but also on our physical condition. We’re motivated to continue with what we learned, maintaining our physical and well-being. During the sessions, we have been able to present the organization “The change is in you”, through which we have been given the opportunity to participate in this youth exchange. In the program, except for the sport we were dealing with and the sessions, we also had plenty of free time to stroll in the center of Paris. We visited some of the city’s leading museums and monuments. As artists, it was a unique opportunity to visit the Louvre and see with our own eyes many of the works we studied. It was an opportunity for us to develop on a visual and intellectual level. Maybe, the thing we learned was that no matter what happened, we’ll handle it. An example of this was the unexpected strike on the subway, for which we dropped our return flight. It was an experience for us in life and showed us that we can handle this new experience for us. Whenever something like this happens, we can look for help from someone we know and he’s glad to give us a hand. We will remember this project as a unique experience for us and we hope this is not the last time we can participate and learn something new.

By Maria Vasileva and Alina Pencheva

Participants in the youth exchange “Fighting social exclusion through sport”