One, two, three… DRACULA!!

It was really early in the morning, when we with other  volunteers decided to go to Romania, during the Easter holiday. Why not to use these days to have a trip somewhere? Then here we go! In few days we gathered other people and we decided to go to Transylvania, but of course with a required stop in Vama Veche to celabrate the First of May (Easter and the international workers’ day)!!

Then we are ready for a new amazing adventure!! Since we are young, courageous, carefree,  crazy, but mostly without money (you know, volunteers нямат пари), we choosed to travel by hitchiking!! What a amazing experience! Here in the Balkans, in fact, hitchiking is really easy, cheap and quite safe. In this way we had the chance to meet a lot of people, someone could speak english, someone italian („Pisa? Bellissima“), others only romanian, but everyone was super kind and available with us (a man offered us two free beds in a hotel for one night in Brasov, how to refuse!).

After camping, partying and watching the sunrise almost every night in Vama Veche for three days, we moved to Brasov, in the heart of Transylvania, where we could discover a lot of stories about vampires and Dracula (all fakes). We visited the Castle of Bran, which is famous to be Dracula’s castle, even if he lived there only for a while… and we must say we were a little bit disappointed by it, expecting something bigger and scarier!!

On the way back to Brasov we decided to stop in a small village to visit a citadel, that, after a lot of stairs, we obviously discoverd it was close!! It didn’t matter, we took a beautiful picture in front of its wonderful wooden door!

Unfortunately our travel must continue! Next destination: Sighisoara, a little and colorful jewel, besides the rain! We really liked the town, even if we couldn’t stay there any longer. We traveled to our friend’s house, in a unknow romanian village, quite hard to reach! There we had the amazing chance to taste a real mix between italian and romanian culture (her mother, in fact, has been living in Italy for 17 years!). How beautiful days we spent with them, without cooking and washing the dishes every time!!! Apart from jocking, we were really impressed by their hospitality and kindness.

But our journey is not finished. While we were enjoying our stay in Teius, we also visited Cluj-Napoca and Alba Iulia. Two cities totally different from the others we saw before. Cluj is the second most important city in Romania, after Bucharest, and it’s a really pretty city; while Alba Iulia has a wonderful roman site, which brought us to our dear Italy for a while!

Nevertheless the thing we enjoy the most was the company of our travelmates!! Even if we were from 5 different countries, with differnt languages and cultures, we could spend a very good time together, having a lot of fun by stopping cars in the middle of the road, climbing up to close fortresses and discovering new places!!

To the next adventure…