Let’s work for work III

During 10 days the volunteers of CHANGE IS IN YOU lived a great experience with the kids of the project Lets work for work III. In this project, 40 participants from 8 different countries: Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Serbia, learned about the employment opportunities in these 8 countries and their abilities to find a job, create a company, with creativity, originality and enthusiasm. Not only they learned about this, but during these days they worked as a team, promoting respect and intercultural tolerance, as well as learning to enjoy every moment with their partners, sharing funny moments in which every night each country shared its gastronomy with the others, as well as dances and of course laughter.
We, the volunteers, collaborated in all the organization of the project from the first day, organizing the houses where they were going to stay, dividing the participants so that there was intercultural in the houses. We took care of the food and the materials they needed. On the other hand, we were support in the activities, taking the photos of each session, making coffee breaks and storing the materials of the activities. We certainly enjoyed their company and learned about each person and culture. It was a great experience to discover great people and aspects we didn’t know about the different countries. When it was all over, we felt that we had spent one of the best weeks of our stay in Bulgaria, and we would definitely come back again. We really miss the guys, they are great!