“Let`s work for work 2!”

Only several days left until the initiation of the project “Let`s work for work 2”, which will take place in hotel “Zograf”, in the picturesque Renaissance town of Tryavna, situated in central Bulgaria from 15th till 25th of November. During these 10 days, 32 young people age 16 – 22 from Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal, along with the support of their sending organizations, will learn new methods and approaches how to tackle the problem of the youth unemployment.

The main goal of the project is to provide young people with new methods and knowledge to improve their chances of finding a job or creating a job for themselves.

The specific objectives are:

  • Increasing their knowledge in the field of job application;
  • Increasing their range of tools that they can use to: solve the problems they face;
  • Appreciating more accurately their own and their personal and professional qualities;
  • Developing their entrepreneurial ideas correctly;
  • Being able to find the means they need to realize their ideas;
  • Enhancing their knowledge of the Erasmus + program and how they can benefit from it in their future personal and professional development;
  • Stimulating their active citizenship;
  • Awakening their curiosity and desire to develop their own socio-entrepreneurial ideas.


The project will stimulate the sense of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship of young people through a theoretical insight of experts and participants. The sessions will be conducted mainly through non-formal education methods, active participant participation, teamwork. Role-play, simulations, and debates will help bring theory into practice, albeit only by simulation.

The aim of the project is to present the information that young people need to start realizing and making informed decisions about their future development, both personally and professionally. By stimulating them to identify the most common problems and challenges their peers and themselves are facing in the search for a job, it will ultimately be a key factor in the fight against youth unemployment. Partner organizations and organizers work in this area and over the years we have realized one important thing that is common to almost all young people – the lack of specific and accurate information on how to apply for a job, how to get a job interview or what tools to use to gather the tools they need to realize their ideas.