“Helping global development”

Международно Обучение
“Helping global development”
07.05– 13.05.2018
Alicante, Spain


The training course was hosted in  Alicante during the dates of 7 to 13 May 2018

The countries involved in the project are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovenia, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal

Needless to say, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Proof? Just look out the window, walk the streets of our villages, turn on the television or just open the refrigerator. We are no longer miles away from people from India, Ecuador or Angola! The fact of globalization brings us closer and is much stronger than ever. The physical distance is reduced by the rapid development of means of transportation and communication. In a matter of seconds, we can find out what is happening in Indonesia, why workers are on strike again in Poland, how many “immigrants” arrived on the coast of Spain in recent weeks. At the same time, however, the realities around us become more diverse and interdependent. Not only we can see, but also listen and taste: listen to the music of each one, taste the cuisine of each one, taste in the dances characteristic of distant lands, etc. In order to address the issue more professionally we chose four main areas of life in which interdependencies are most visible.

During the training course, we have a closer look at: politics, economics, social welfare and ecology. Some of them are more obvious than the others and yet they are just as important.


  • Provide space for participantsto meet, exchange ideas on global developmentand related issues such as poverty, migration, democracy, identity, nationality, human rights, gender, sustainable development, climate change , etc.
  • Giveparticipants innovative ideas and methodologies that they can apply with the young people they work with.
  • Providemethodologies and good practices for working with young people on global issuesand sharing experiences.
  • Promote global thinkingand include youth development issues.
  • Encourage critical thinking among participants with the aim of enabling individuals to take an active role in building global civil society across boundaries (ethnic, geographic, political).
  • Providespacefor youth workers to exchange ideas on global development and issues related to poverty, migration, democracy, identity, nationality, human rights, gender, sustainable development, climate change, etc.
  • Provide participants with different notions on the issues of global development, poverty, social and economic development, and then be able to translate it through different actions in their areas of work.
  • Promote the Erasmus + Program as a solid basis for joint projects

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