Easter eggs


We have experienced the traditional Bulgarian Holy week, learning how it is celebrated and what is done during this week. 

One of the most significant traditions on this date is the painting of Easter eggs. As we have learned, eggs are related to resurrection because they symbolize the beginning of a new life. On Holy Thursday is the day when the families paint the eggs. Simply, the eggs are boiled and then painted with colors and drawings. There must always be a red one, which symbolizes the blood of Jesus and this is the most important egg. 

On Resurrection sunday, which is called Velikden, they meet with the family and do a ritual with the eggs (Chukane s yaitsá). In pairs, they take the eggs and hit them against each other. Those who have the unbroken egg, hit it again. Then the eggs and the typical traditional sweet (Kozunak) are eaten. 

Every year in Easter in tryavna, the city hall staff place very big eggs in the center of town. This year we could be part of this project because we could paint three big eggs with the kids of SOS Village, thanks to Denitsa our Mentor. We did the design of painting of the eggs, and then we painted with kids. Perhaps, there was more paint everywhere than on the eggs. However, we had a really good time with them. Now, the big eggs are in the park in front of the city council and the people take pictures of them. 

On the other hand, to know more about this week, we went with Kalina Kindergarten to the museum to paint eggs with the kids and then they gave us Kozunak, the typical bread to eat on Sunday. It was really tasty and it is like a mix between an Italian Panettone and Spanish King’s cake.




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