Art-food? Enjoy yourself!

At present, Ale’s cooking and I’m listening a John Lennon’s cover song (Stand by me, how romantic!). A month is already gone since we arrived! we slowly began our activities in one of the kindergartens. We are supposed to volunteer in two different kindergartens and a social center in Tryavna, by taking part in their activities and events! That’s why in these days we are rather busy organizing the International Tolerance Day, that is on 16th of November! Remember it!!!!

Since we arrived we have been introduced to our tutors and planned what to do in the following year! For 3 weeks we’ve started to go to the first kindergarten, where we met a lot of lovely kids.

Our start was amazing. We took part in kindergarten’s autumn party, when we met all the children and their parents! It was so exiting! We tried to introduce ourselves in Bulgarian (x_x) and we were judges in a art-food competition!!! In fact, parents and kids had to made together simple sculptures with food and other natural stuff (pine cones, leaves, berry…). The result was great!!! All of them could create such as beautiful and creative things! Certainly we couldn’t have made anything similar.

But most of all, we were enthusiastic about their so warm welcome, everybody was glad to our presence in the kindergarten! Finally we were really surprised to find two fathers speaking a little Italian!!!!

Exo & exo AleTeo

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