Here we are, ready to tell you a new story!! So, here we go!

Everything began in the last weekend with a traditional Bulgarian party in our Mehanà – a traditional room where people meet to eat, chat, dance folk music and mostly drink together. You can find a lot of Mehanà inside restaurants and hotels, or inside houses, such as at our place!

It is a room with nothing special, just a electric grill, a table and and a lot of funny people (If you invite them!!). On the door there is written “MEXANA, наздраве” that means “Mexana, cheers”. Toasting with new friends in another country is a unique feeling, that everybody must try once. Not just because we’ve discovered that here they have a different tradition to toast and drink – in fact people have to stare at the others’ eyes; but this is also a wonderful way to get close and know better these persons and their culture.

They organized an amazing dinner, everybody cooked something traditional, in order to we could taste differnt bulgarian dishes! In fact, on the table we found a lot food like salam, salads, pitchka…ehm PITKA, banitza and much more. everything was so tasteful! For the occasion we Italians cooked lasagne, and of course Bulgarians didn’t lack in bringing a very tasteful homemade rakia!

During this evening we had the occasion to see and directly experiment how people in Bulgaria eat and drink. We noticed that they’re used to start eating from salad, meanwhile drinking rakia (about 40/60°). What can we say? It’s totally different from our uses.

Another aspect we observed was how slowly they eat!!! We wondered if we would have looked like starved bears at their eyes 😀

Whatever it is, the culture of sharing food and being all together around a table is not just italian; there are so many things we have in common!

Exoexo Ale&Teo

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