Tryavna Ultra 2017

The 15th of July, the 3rd Tryavna Ultra had begun.  That event attracts runners from all over Europe, because the route is very unique: the nature is scenic and there are incredible landmarks as well.

The biggest circle was 141 km. I cannot imagine how, but the fastest participant made it in less than 18 hours. If it’s too long, they had the chance to test their strength and perseverance in shorten distances like 76 km, 23 km. For those who just wanted to be part of the spirit, the organizers figured out a 3 km route. It was perfect for beginners, families with children.

We woke up in the middle of the night to reach the meeting point for the volunteers, the Kalina Hotel. We were still soo sleepy but the others looked like hardworking ants. Our job was to help at the second checkpoint (23 km) to refresh. We needed to be fast and attentive, the most important things is that these runners need real attention and encouragement.


They started at 6 am, right after sunrise so it was really chilly, the colders hour. It had to be very difficult to manage with resources and mental energy, because the weather wasn’t worthy at all. Heavy rains, humidity and low temperature makes it really hard especially for the knees.

At the refreshment point the members of the stuff were kind and energetic, some of them were runners too. The athmosphere was good, we tried to keep the runners in good mood. I think it was a success.

According to our experience it’s a well organised event with enthusiastic people. If you are curious about anything else, want to know more, check their homepage: