“Training Course for mediators”

International Trainig Course
“Training Course for mediators: Environment, health, sport, free time”


Environment, health, sport, free time:
The model describes a possible way for interaction among interested sides (youth leaders and mediators on one side; local authorities on the other) in the area of:
– Environment in regard to implementation of daily control and monitoring of the environment through increase of the transparency and access to available information on the basis of partnership between the structures of the civil societies (in the role of the youth mediators), local authorities and institutions working in this area. It will be realized with series of workshops during the course. Each session has a defined goal- for instance: “raising of the awareness and the interest on behalf of the young people to the environmental situation, models of analysis and assessment of the environment on different venues, European ecological law system, national ecological policies, eco strategies and activities.
– Social health – raising of the young peoples’ awareness of different issues, sickness prevention, decision-makings concerning epidemic situations, drug addictions, HIV, great concentration of people with specific illnesses on the relevant territory, healthy way of life. It will be realized through series of workshops. Each session has a defined goal: for example – “confirming of measures for drug-addiction prevention in the local society” or “forming of activities for socializing of the young people with psychological and physical illnesses (handicaps)”etc.
– Sport and free time – examination of various methods for increasement of the physical and sport attitude in the young people; implementation of common projects for tourism towards active relax, health stability, life ability, work ability, knowledge development, behavior and emotional prosperity of the personality. Forming of various strategies for encouraging the youth sport, sport games and tourism in nature, leisure time.

The main objectives of the project are associated with the widespread recognition of the value of Non-formal education and promoting active youth participation and citizenship, and in particular:

  • To encourage the “independent acknowledgement” of informal education through trainings on social and multicultural mediation-international acknowledgement of the competencies and acquisition of the corresponding legal capacities and qualifications;
  • To give the specific skills and knowledge about “civil mediation” to youth leaders and workers, working in the spheres of: local development, “good management”, civil rights, partnership;
  • To advocate for on-going consultation mechanisms involving youth NGOs and for their inclusion in decision making processes on issues related to education, job opportunities, social responsibility and intercultural understanding activities;
  • To develop active collaboration among local NGOs, LAs, EU institutions through the creation of sustainable networks of youth mediators for exchange of good practices and ideas.

Activities and target group: 9 days training course with 30 participants (Youth workers, youth leaders, activists, trainers) from 9 NGO’s from 9 countries.

Partners of the project were:

  • International Development Alliance, Bulgaria
  • Asociatia Fluturele Visator, Romania
  • Associazione People Help People, Italy
  • Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej, Poland
  • Asociacion Andaluza Curiosity, Spain
  • Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental, Portugal
  • “The Change is in You” Association