Surva surva godina!!


Here we are another post about Christmas! Our permanence here in the middle of Bulgaria is allowing us to get closer to many traditions, different from ours. Spending our time in the kindergartens of Tryavna, in fact, we are learning more about how people celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

By taking part to different workshops in the kindergartens and in the Social Center we discovered some interesting things! Such as in Italy Bulgarians celebrate Christmas on 25th, even if they are orthodox.

But the greatest curiosity we’ve learnt in thees days is about the New Year. According to an old Bulgarian tradition the children tap the adults’ backs with a strange twig (“Survachka”), decorated with popcorn, dry fruits, garlands and other little things, by reciting a nursery rhyme, in order to wish them health and gain more money if they can remember whole the poetry!!!

In one of the kindergarten we had the chance to try to make one of those, together with the children. How funny! We used popcorn, dry fruits, dates and cotton, and at the end we have been tapped by the children with the “survachki”!!

Of course, we can say we haven’t never seen something like that before, and above all we hadn’t been hit by a popcorn’s twig yet – Matteo was deeply tempted to eat them all!!!

ExoExo Ale&Teo