Super gymkhana

Super gymkhana


On the 25th of May we had the opportunity to make a super gymkhana with the children of SOS, and other children who wanted to participate. We decided to play different games in which each team had to complete the activity and once completed, they would be given a piece of a puzzle that we had made, in which they could read where the final prize was hidden. For the volunteers it was a hard task because we had to prepare everything in detail. Each test had a different clue depending on the team that did it, but all the effort made during the five days of work was rewarded. It was a wonderful day, everything went perfectly and the children were delighted. They were the protagonists of this activity, and they were the ones in charge of solving the puzzle, although they could count on our help if they got a bit lost, but it was almost never necessary. They are machines.

The game started on the football pitch. On the football pitch there will be four puzzles without pieces, to complete later. Each puzzle has a colour and corresponds to a team. There will also be a map of the SOS so that children can see where all the activity are situated. The children will be divided into four teams, mixed by age. They will know which team they are in because the balls have their name on them and the small colour of the ball is the colour of the team.

The gymkhana consisted of doing the activities and at the end of each activity we will give them a puzzle piece, a riddle or a picture. On the back of each piece is written where they have to go to do the next activity. The next activity could be a game, a riddle or a picture of a place where they have to go there to find other piece. When you find the place where you have seen in the picture or which you have got in the riddle, you will find a piece of puzzle in that place. Every time you get a piece you have to go to the football field, place it in your puzzle, and then look on the map for the next place.

When you have the puzzle complete with all its pieces, you will be able to read the whole sentence. That sentence tells you where the final treasure is and you will be able to find it. Each puzzle will have a different phrase and each team will have its treasure in a different place. These are the phrases:

  1. Отиди в стаята на изкуството (Go to the art room)
  2. Отиди в залата за конференции (Go to the conference room)
  3. Отидете в детската работилница (Go to the children’s workshop)
  4. Отидете до пейката на 12-и дом (Go to the 12th house bench)








All teams start on the football pitch. First, on the stands will be all the balls with the names of the children. They will have to find the ball with their name on it. When everyone has their ball, they will do the first activity together divided in teams. All the activities have their rules next to them so that they can read and know the game. The first activity is the Worm:


All in a row. You have to pass the ball to your partner under your legs. You pass the ball backwards under the legs and the last one passes forward. The team that reaches the finish line first wins. Come on, run!!!

When you finish this game, you will get a puzzle piece or picture, which will take you to the next activity. In this moment, each team go to a different way.


Everyone in the group has to stand on the blanket. The game is about turning the blanket around without touching the ground. You cannot touch the ground with any part of your body. Everyone must help each other; if you touch the ground with any part of your body, you must start the game again. The game ends when you have turned the blanket upside down and all of you have not touched the ground with any part of your body. Help each other!








Each person in the group must throw all the skittles. When one person has thrown all the pins, it is the next person’s turn. The game is over when all members of the group have bowled. You can do it!


Each member of the group is placed inside a hoop and cannot get out of that hoop. You have to pass a ball to each other until everyone has caught the ball. If the ball falls on the ground, you have to start from the beginning. Cheer up group!


You have to throw the ball into these holes in turns, one by one. You have to score 400 points in total. The small hole is worth 400 points, if you get it in here you have won automatically and you have finished this test, you have to go to the next one. The medium hole is worth 50 points and the large hole is worth 20 points. Be sharp!

  1. SPOON

Each member of the team has to carry his ball on the spoon without dropping it to the goal. The other hand should go behind. When you leave the ball on the table, run to give the spoon to your partner. The game ends when all team members have dropped their ball on the table. Fast but careful!!


The balls will be in view of the partners. First two members of the team will be blindfolded and the rest of the team will give them directions to catch the balls. When they get to catch the balls blindfolded, they will change. Then, those who were giving directions will cover their eyes and will have to catch the balls.


For us it was a very positive experience, to be able to meet and work with the kids. In general we are very happy and grateful to the SOS staff, they helped us with everything at all times. It has been a great activity that we would love to repeat.

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