Stop aggression, be tolerant!

How many of you know what day is today? It’s International Tolerance Day, even more important after the latest days. As everybody we were shocked about the terrorist attacks in Paris, but we still wanted to celebrate this day.

In our kindergarten we took part in a wonderful event, with children, parents and important exponents of the town. By different games and activities, linked to tolerance, cooperation and integration we dealt with this theme.

Maybe some of you could think all this is useless, children are too young to truly understand such as similar content. Nevertheless, when may we start to make people aware, if not at this age?

In our opinion tolerance is the best form of education we can give them. By learning, since now, to live with other people from different countries, races and cultures is the best way to build a better World.

What happened in Paris on Friday and what is happening every day in several Countries let us think of the importance of building a wiser network of people.

By having the chance to live and volunteer in another country, which has very different habits and traditions from ours, we can really become open-minded towards the Other and fully understand what cooperation among people from several part of the World means. In fact, we believe a good way to build a peaceful World is by meeting and knowing people, all kind of people, without discrimination and prejudices.

Finally, we hope our permanence in Bulgaria won’t be only a cultural exchange, but also a sign that cooperation and integration between people are possible!

Exo&exo AleTeo