"Small communities, big problems"

International Youth Exchange
“Small communities, big problems”

Busteni, Romania


“SMALL COMMUNITIES, BIG PROBLEMS” is a youth exchange that will take place in Romania with 42 participants from 8 countries.
The aim of the project is to provide to youngsters from small communities solutions to main problems like unemployment, addictions, pollutions, critical thinking etc.

1. Increasing awareness on youngsters and civic society on problems of youngsters in small communities
2. developing competences for youngsters in offering solutions based on nonformal education methods to increase quality of life in small communities
3.promote media creation, video creation and theater as nonformal methods to manage problems in small communities
4. expand European cooperation between youngsters and youth structures in frame of new Erasmus + programme for 2021-2027 The methodology is based on nonformal education methods including presentations, world café, theater, media and video creation etc The project activities will be preparation, introduction, getting to know each other, workshops in plenary and teams, outdoor activities, intercultural evenings, visits, reflection and evaluation according to agenda.

Final products expected: videos, theater plays and a guide with all information, methods, tools , solutions

          Participant`s profile required:
1. Еvery group will consist 4 youngsters 17-25 years old plus 1 group leader over 18 years old;
2. Participants are expected to be part of the full duration of the activity;
3. Be aware that this activity will be in English;
4. Participants with fewer opportunities and rural areas will have priority.

Vila Cristina Busteni – in rooms of 2 or 3 beds with private bathroom and shower. There is no laundry service, ironing service or hair dryers at the pension Food will be served at the restaurant of the pension and there will be 3 meals every day and coffee breaks.
Please send us your special needs concerning food: no pork, no meat, vegetarian, vegan or any allergies.

          Working methods:
All the training will be done through the methods of non-formal education. The activities will be for example brainstorming, plenary discussions, simulations, role plays, team building, energizers, ice breakers and many others. Non formal education we remember you that is voluntary, no hierarchical and all its methods are based on the concept of learning by doing.

What should you prepare :
– a research about needs and problems of youngsters in your communities:info, statistics, cases etc
– be prepared to propose games, energizers, activities for free time or for our workshops
– as we want to use as less plastic as possible please bring with you your own coffee/tea cup or mug and a bottle/recipient for water;
– for intercultural evening you have to bring some traditional food and drinks and to be ready to teach us a song or a dance. ATTENTION !! There is not possible to use kitchen for cooking (because of new regulations about safety and hygiene) so bring dry things… you can prepare short and easy meals that can be done without oven like salads etc…if you need some ingredients like vegetables, oil, salt, regular spices, bread etc we can provide them…

          What to bring with me:
 – Hygiene products.
– Medicines if needed.
– Each national team must bring at least one laptop! (for digital activities).
– Bring your adaptors and charges for your devices as these cannot be provided.
– We will have an intercultural evening, so bring your national food and drink.
– Bring your national flag, magazines, postcards what will help you to introduce your country.
– ….and your good mood. This is the most important ☺

          Travel Costs:
100% of the participants‘ travel costs will be reimbursed within the valid budget sums calculated according to the official rules of Erasmus+ programme. If a sum exceeds the limit, the excess will be paid by the participants themselves. The reimbursement limit is 180€ per participant from Bulgaria. The transportation will be arranged by “The Change is in You” Association.

Important: In order to obtain reimbursement for the tickets, you need to follow these steps:
1) You need to present ALL THE TICKETS (that includes all the boarding passes), including RETURN TICKETS, which you will send after realization of the project, otherwise you will not be reimbursed.
2) You need to use PUBLIC TRANSPORT e.g. planes, trains, buses, trams or underground.
3) You need to depart from the country where your sending organization is.
4) It is recommended to make scans of tickets before your arrival in case you lose them. The reimbursement will be done only in Euros.
5) You must complete the dissemination activities and send to the organizers evidences of them (pictures, videos, written report, etc.). Could be one for the whole group or individual – the decision is up to each participant and national group.

          Financial support:
Project is supported by “Erasmus+” program. Accommodation, meals, program and travel cost (based on distance) are covered from grant. 15 BGN will be deducted from the guarantee of 100 BGN which every participant must send prior the departure, in order to cover the different taxes, related to the participation of each representative from Bulgaria (bank transfer fees, post expenses, difference in the exchange rates, etc.). This guarantee will be reimbursed after completing all the dissemination activities, the participant is required to conduct after returning to Bulgaria and the reimbursement from the hosting organization to the sending organization is conducted.

There is a contribution of 5 euros/participant, which should be given during the project to the organizers, which is used for some of the activities and the surprises.

The travel insurance is mandatory. It costs 1 BGN/day and covers all the common injuries during projects up to 5000 Euro. Our organization is not covering insurance, it is individual, but we are going to support you to obtain a proper insurance for the duration of the project. For more information about the insurance, contact us.

Every participant is individually entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate, which confirms participation and validates the non-formal learning (NFL) experience of Training course project. Validating the learning experiences of participants is important in itself and the document can be of benefit in terms of the educational or employment future of the participant. Through Youthpass the European Commission ensures the Training course activity is recognized as a non-formal learning experience.
(*For more information on Youthpass you may click on this page to check it online)

          Applicants MUST:     

  1. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing with, when sending your application!
  2. Read carefully the Privacy Policy page.
  3. Have a valid ID/International passport.
  4. Possess valid European Health Card.
  5. Fill in the  APPLICATION FORM.