“Project “Fantastichen” begins”

Project “Fantastichen” begins


On 15th July exactly 15 volunteers from Spain, aged 18 – 30 are going to occupy the territory of Tryavna in order to make the summer holiday of local kids and youth more exciting.

The volunteers are a part of project “Fantastichen” of the Spanish organization Las Niñas del Tul. They are spending almost two months in Bulgaria in which they are helping the summer activities of The Change is in You Association.

The basic task of the volunteers is organizing a summer camp “Me and Europe”. In 10 working days (from 23rd July to 03rd August), from 10:00 to 11:30h in the park behind the community centre for kids aged 09-13 years old there will be a variety of games which aim to refresh children’s knowledge about Europe and European countries and teach them new things in an exciting way.

Volunteers will also take part in hiking trips, cleaning initiatives, sports games and have the opportunity to realize their own events. Mentors of the Spanish youth are going to be Hefe and Giada – Italian EVS volunteers from the project “Pass Ahead 2”, who have already spent 10 months in Bulgaria and already know a lot about work with kids.

Local and foreign volunteers together are going to refresh with drawings the schoolyard of Secondary school “Prof. P. N. Raykov”.

Thanks to the Art School in Tryavna, where the Spanish volunteers are going be accommodated, they will be able to use the amazing schoolyard for diverse activities, including 4 intercultural evenings: Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

All citizens of Tryavna are more than welcome to enjoy the special evenings. (For more information: Summer programme 2018)

Project “Fantastichen, ref.  № 2017-3-ES02-KA105-010656 is co-financed by the Erasmus+ of the European Commission.