Maybe it’s a little bit late to tell you our this little adventure, happened on the 3rd of March, but we believe it deserves in each case!!

As in Italy we celebrate the 24th of April, here in Bulgaria they celebrate their national indipendence day on the 3rd of March. And which better occasion to take part to this holiday near the national monument of Shipka, exactly where the fight between the Bulgarian army and the Ottoman one took place, in 1878.

The national park has few monuments dedicated to the soldiers dead in this battlefield, but the most important is surely the Shipka one: a tower to the top of the hill, that you can also reach climbing about 600 of steps (that we obviously took descending!!).

That day, we went to the monument with other thousand of Bulgarian people, who wore Bulgarian flags and sang their national hymn. Of course it has been a very exciting experience. We had the chance to discover a part of the national history of this country – which, day by day, is becoming even more our home – but also we could admire how much people are patriotic and in love with their Nation.

ExoExo Ale&Teo

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