„Mindful Coaching in Youth Work“

International Training Course

„Mindful Coaching in Youth Work“

Another training is over… One of those that you don’t want to finish, just because they are too good. Good, because of the real people you have met and had the chance to communicate with; good, because of the cosy accommodation; good, because your stomach was constantly full of all the delicious traditional Polish food you’ve taken in (not so good because you need to lose some kilos now, though); last but not least, good, because of the topic and the new practical knowledge you’ve brought back home and you are eager to share and put into practice. “Mindful Coaching in Youth Work”, a training course organized by “My Dreams Come True” Association in Nowy Sacz, Poland, was something we do not really have the chance to enjoy that often.

First of all, it motivated us to think about and work on our own negative qualities. Let’s be honest! No one is perfect and, unfortunately, we very often know what our major mistakes are. We realize we have to correct something in our own behavior and we often know what exactly it is. What we do about it, however, is…nothing! Youth workers, teachers, coaches and other practitioners…we all  try to help somebody else, we read about it, we look for and discover different tools, but at the same time, we leave ourselves behind. For us, the most important thing about this training course is that it pushed us to go deeper into our own realities and, we don’t want to use clichés, but…change ourselves in order to be able to change the rest, too. After all, “The Change is in US”!

Moreover, “Mindful Coaching in Youth Work” provided us with some very useful and mostly practical tools to use in our future work with youngsters…and not only. During the sessions, no one was stingy to share personal experience and we managed to try different techniques, commented on them and even developed. We promise that soon we are going to try a couple of them and share the results with you.

Enormous thanks to Basia and Gosia for doing their best to make us feel comfortable and more than satisfied at all times; to Lilian for all the knowledge she transferred to us and for her pretty Irish accent; to all the participants who shared their personal stories and let us delve into their realities, which they are not really happy with! We’ll do our best to see you again! Good luck!

That was an experience that was really worth it!

Margo and Stan