In date 13/03/2016 we with our organization and other volunteers went to Pavel Banya, a small village, near the city of Kazanlak to see a traditional carnival. We arrived there whit a small bus that we rented for this occasion. Before that the Carnival started, we visited one old traditional house, with a lot of antiques stuffs.

When the ceremony started, we understood that because the KUKERI arrived, who are traditional masks and dresses, their characters are bells with different size put around the waist. The tradition is that together, the KUKERI and the other people, go around the village to knock the doors.

The meaning of this is that the KUKERI, with terrifically dresses and masks, must scared the bad spirits, and the house’s owners in return for that offer them some food and drinks. All the food was homemade and we had a occasion for tasting very traditional dishes like cheese, a lot of variety of raw ham, salami and delicious wine and rakya.

KUKERI guys were very full of positive energy and around the village there was a lot of noise, but for everybody was great to share this experience all together! When the procession was almost finishing, some people started to dance and sing the traditional dances in a circle shape, as ever.

At the end when the KUKERI procession finished, they jumped in the river from the bridge and sang some popular songs into the water.

It was really epic to have been there, we have breathed a different and pure Bulgarian  air and also saw a thing outside the commons tourist attraction.

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