“Fundraising techniques”

Training course for Fundraising techniques



The Bulgarian Center for Not-together with the Foundation PACEL conducted two-day training on fundraising from individual and corporate donors to organizations working in the social sphere.

The training aimed to help participants to gain useful knowledge and skills to raise funds from donors. Trainers were be Mr. Jan Krupa and Mrs. Jana Ledvinova, experts of the Czech Centre for Fundraising (Czech Fundraising Center, www.fundraising.cz).

The training was held on 1 and 2 December 2014 in Sofia, Vitosha Park Hotel. The training did not include writing projects or filling in application forms for European or other programs.

The main topics that were presented are:
• Motivation of donors;
• relations and working with donors;
• Techniques and methods for fundraising;
• Planning a fundraiser.

It was given the opportunity to debate and to discuss specific questions from the participants before and during the training.

In the training were participating the following organisations:

  1. The “National Alliance for Volunteer.”
  2. Foundation “Pristis”.
  3. Association “First of June.”
  4. Day center “Riviera”.
  5. Association “Parents of Varna”.
  6. Association “Society for Unity”.
  7. Association “Chovekolubie.”
  8. Association “The Change is in You.”
  9. Association “Chronicle against cancer.”
  10. Association “Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria”.
  11. Bulgarian Red Cross.
  12. Foundation “Idea to Action”.
  13. Foundation for children at risk around the world.
  14. Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion
  15. Bulgarian Food Bank.
  16. Foundation “Dreams in Action”.
  17. Department of legal culture.
  18. CONCORDIA Bulgaria.
  19. Association “National patient organization.”
  20. Foundation “de Pasarel Bulgaria”.
  21. The “Light for Life”.
  22. Association “Euro partners.”
  23. Foundation “Listen up!”.
  24. Youth Organization to “Union of the Deaf.”
  25. Foundation “NO Studio.”
  26. The “Nature and Health for Bulgaria”.

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