“Fun day for kids”

On the 1th of June we helped to organize a workshop for kids on the occasion of Children’s Day. The weather was really hot, finally the real summer has come, therefore a large number of families visited the event.

We could not predict, what age of kids are coming, so we decided to prepare some easy ideas which are suitable for different ages, like making bracelets, felt animals, drawing and painting. Of course, most of the little people wanted to make cute felt animals, and we tried to do our best to help them. For some of them it was a bit complicated, so it was hint for us for next time. By the way, some parents also helped their children, so it was a good way to involve them. It was funny to see a dad completely concentrating on it.

It was a success I think, they had a great time. Though it was a bit tiring to take care of that much children at the same time (even with some experience), dividing attention, but on the other hand, we learned a few things. For example, communicating with kids in a foreign language could be easy, but making them understand how to comply with some difficult tasks it’s one other thing. We felt ourselves a bit lame by don’t understand what they say in bulgarian, but managed with pointing on stuff. But we are on the way of improvement, because there are a few words and simple expressions now that we can understand and can answer. Step by step. 🙂