“EVS in Copedeco ”

European Voluntary Service
“EVS in Copedeco ”

Murcia, Spain
11 months from 10th of September 2018


Summary of the project:

Copedeco (Cooperative for Community Development) is a non-prot cooperative of social initiative. It works since 1989 in the end of social intervention, developing projects which primary objective is the integral development and improving the quality of life of people at risk of social exclusion.

The values that stand behind our initiative are: 1. To generate wealth valued in economic, social and societal terms. 2. To create appropriate conditions to promote processes of social and community development. 3. To make sure that our actions proceed from the reality of people and from the perspective of their location in a particular territory. 4. To base our strategy on cooperation (social and economical) and on the principles of solidarity and sustainable economic development. 5. To encourage the promotion, training, integration and improving the quality of life of our employees, as they are the main capital of the organization.

These values are delimited by the conceptual framework for the development of the organization: voluntary and open membership, democratic management, economic participation of members, autonomy and independence, education-training-information, cooperation and interest in the community.

– Children and Young People: within projects focused on leisure time, socio-educational activities, school support, programs preventing risky behaviors, university volunteering, job promotion, international exchanges, etc. – Families: within projects of social and family intervention, training support, schools for parents, positive parenting programs, counseling and educational guidance. – Women: through courses and workshops on health (healthy eating, physical activity, health care for women, etc.), leisure time, personal growth and development. – Elderly: by developing workshops on memory training, positive thinking, tai-chi, Rondalla and choral music. We also work with all these groups in the area of health, by promoting healthy habits and healthy lifestyles through the prevention of drug use, healthy eating, practicing physical activities, among others.

Although the Copedeco headquarters are located in Alcantarilla, the projects are mainly developed in the municipalities of Murcia and Alcantarilla.

Alcantarilla is a Spanish municipality of the Region of Murcia. As a municipality, it has an area of 16.24 kilometers square and a population of 40,695 inhabitants (2013). It has a dry Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature of 18.2 °C

As for the municipality of Murcia, it is a major producer of agricultural raw materials thanks to its fertile and ancient orchards. Although this sector was once the economic base of the municipality, its importance lowered since the 60’s. Now the main economic sector of Murcia is the services sector, including the administrative sector, financial sector, cultural sector and others. Historically it has always been a center of trade, serving as a redistributor of agricultural and handicraft production of Murcia and the southeast Iberian Peninsula. From the late 1960s and early 1970s, the tertiary sector in the municipality began to be omnipresent.

Copedeco is specialized in working in the eld of educational intervention with families and children in the municipality of Murcia. In consequence, the volunteer can gain the experience in various tasks regarding all the areas of our we work throughough participating in the design and programming of activities, preparing materials for workshops, developing the volunteer’s own activities, evaluation etc.

Our projects and actions of social intervention in which we work and where our volunteer will develop his/her activities in order to support us are:

– Schools: Socio-Cultural and Social Intervention projects.
– Leisure activities: leisure time workshops, summer schools, camps, reconciling centers for professional and family life, extracurricular activities etc.
– Training and support for families.
– Social and professional integration.
– Education for health.
– Socio-educational and psychosocial intervention for children, adolescents and youth.
– Training and support for groups at risk of social exclusion.
– Preventing from situations leading to a risk of social exclusion.
– International Youth Exchanges.
– Training courses on various topics.
– Schools for parents.
– Street entertainment activities.

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for an 18-30* years old volunteer who has:

– basic knowledge of English
– high interest in groups of social exclusion, the homeless, minorities, etc.
– social skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills.
– skills in group animation.
– open to working with people from other cultures and religions.

*Lower age limits: Participants must have reached the minimum age at the start date of the activity.
Upper age limits: Participants must not be older than the indicated maximum age.

As the selection process, we will follow the steps necessary to ensure that it is open, transparent and accessible to all and all the young people who wish to become a volunteer.

The selection of volunteers will be conducted by a selection panel composed of members of the Copedeco and the Euroaccion Association, which is the coordinating organization of our hosting project and will support us with its experience in assessing EVS applications. As for the age and sex of the candidates, we do not have any specific preference regarding our future volunteers, as we will prioritize their motivation and involvement in our project and the activities we carry out.


The volunteer that participates in our project will live together with other European volunteers in the apartment which is situated in city center and rented by coordinative organization Euroaccion, chosen for this project. Each volunteer will have his own room to provide privacy. Each month Euroaccion (the coordinative organization) will transfer a certain amount of money on a bank account of a volunteer (that will get it when she/he comes to Spain). The deposit corresponds to the pocket money and the money for the food. The amount of money handles the volunteer on its own. The coordinative organization pays each month the rent for the apartment; the volunteers don’t need to worry about it.

The apartment is situated 30 minutes by bus from our oce, the coordinative organization covers the costs of the transport each month. There is one line of bus that is frequent and that takes the volunteer directly from his house to the place of work and vice versa. Our volunteers will also travel sometimes by car with of the workers of Copedeco, who will pick them up in order to bring them where they are developing their volunteering activities.

Additional information:

The language of your project will be English during the work time and you will learn Spanish too.

As a volunteer the European Voluntary Service allows you to learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing or acquire new skills for your personal, educational or professional development.

The voluntary service covers:

• Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia and back (return ticket);
• All fees for visa and residence permission;
• Comprehensive insurance (health, accident and liability insurance);
• Free accommodation: a room in an apartment;
• Pocket money in the amount of 150 euros per month;
• Food allowance 150 euros per month;
• Participation in the on-arrival and mid-term meeting.

Travel cost reimbursement:

100% of the participants‘ travel costs will be reimbursed within the valid budget sums calculated according to the official rules of Erasmus+ programme. If a sum exceeds the limit, the excess will be paid by the participants themselves. The reimbursement limit is 275€ per participant from Bulgaria.

Important: In order to obtain reimbursement for the tickets, you need to obey the following rules:
1) You need to present ALL THE TICKETS, including RETURN TICKETS, which you will send after realization of the project, otherwise YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED (DO NOT FORGET TO KEEP YOUR BOARDING PASSES FROM AIRPORT CHECK-IN)
2) You need to use PUBLIC TRANSPORT e.g. planes, trains, buses, trams or underground.
3) You need to depart from the country.
4) It is recommended to make scans of tickets before your arrival in case you lose them. The reimbursement will be done only in euros.


Every participant should have valid European Health Card.
Each participant will get full health insurance provided by CIGNA health insurance company.

All volunteers in A.C.T.O.R. need to provide a criminal record and medical analyses in order to prove to be suitable to work with vulnerable target groups, mainly kids in hospitals. These documents should be provided before the departure by scan copies and in original copy once here in Bucharest. So, please, don’t forget your criminal records and medical analyses! Pay attention to all your travel tickets and boarding passes.
Also check if you have the signed agreement with you.


Every participant is individually entitled to receive a Youthpass Certificate, which confirms participation and validates the non-formal learning (NFL) experience of Training course project. Validating the learning experiences of participants is important in itself and the document can be of benefit in terms of the educational or employment future of the participant. Through Youthpass the European Commission ensures the Training course activity is recognized as a non-formal learning experience.
(*For more information on Youthpass you may click on this page to check it online)

Relevant documents and links about the EVS:

EVS Info KIT: http://éc.éuropa.éu/youth/tools/évs-info-kit_én.htm
Erasmus+ Commission Website: http://éacéa.éc.éuropa.éu/érasmus-plus_én
Erasmus+ Home Page: http://éc.éuropa.éu/programmés/érasmus-plus/
Erasmus+ Programmed Guide: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/sites/erasmusplus/files/files/resources/erasmus-plus-programme-guide_en.pdf
Erasmus+ Youth: http://éc.éuropa.éu/youth/indéx_én.htm
Youth pass Page: https://www.youthpass.éu/én/youthpass/for/évs/subpagé/
Voluntary Agreement: will be shared with the selected candidates (Hosting organisation`s decision)


In order to apply, fill in this APPLICATION FORM


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