“Pass Ahead”

European Voluntary Service
09. 10. 2015 – 09. 10. 2016
Tryavna, Bulgaria



The EVS project “Pass Ahead” is specially designed for youngsters who want to  work with youth, as they are а part of the organization of events of different nature, but aimed at young people. They will be a part of the organization and will be involved in every aspect of the work of the association – from taking care of the communication with the partners, through meetings with young people discussing issues related to the opportunities for learning and development through EU programs, to implementation of Erasmus + projects or other programs aimed at the development of young people, both personal and professional. The project will be implemented in the picturesque Renaissance town of Tryavna and will last 12 months. During this time, the volunteers will be part of the implementation of our projects and local initiatives, as one of the most significant, in which they will participate will be working with children from kindergartens and the Center for Rehabilitation and Social Integration, where they will help the educators and the social workers in the activities related to art, such as painting, coloring, modelling, etc. and also in the outdoor/indoor sports activities with the little one`s. They will help in organizing various exhibitions, where kids will present their work. Furthermore, they will also help in the implementation of another initiative related to youngsters from the town` schools – outside the classroom activities and events that will be organized jointly with the primary and secondary school and the National School of Fine Arts. These Actions will be in the form of organizing various sport events, picnics, hiking and trekking in nature, as basically they are designed to awaken the love of nature, awareness for its protection and various forms of sports and outdoor entertainment. Non-formal education and methods of learning by doing will be mainly overlap in the project as volunteers themselves will have complete freedom to propose and implement their ideas for different events and initiatives. The results of this project will be bilateral – volunteers will learn a lot about the work and the organization of work in an association from a firsthand and young people in other hand will have contact youngsters their age from another country and thus give them a very good example that borders no longer exists, if you want to realize and pursue your dreams but the limits we have are those we set ourselves. Intercultural experience that both parties will share is also very important, because in a small town like Tryavna two very different cultures will meet, and this in turn will open the minds of young people from the town about the different cultures and will be the first step to crossing the boundary of the unknown. Long-term benefit of this project is again a bilateral – volunteers will gain quite solid knowledge about working in an association and its management, and will also learn many new techniques for working with children and young people which will inevitably help  in their personal and professional development in the future, and young people from the town will gain invaluable international experience without going outside Bulgaria, but in contrast, will receive the incentive to acquire more knowledge about the world and then  come back home and help in the development of a better society and a brighter future for us all.

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