Christmas is coming

December is arrived, and the cold with it. We haven’t already seen the snow here, actually till two weeks ago we weren’t wearing our coats during the day!! It was a little bit wired, but we had the chance to admire for longer the beautiful autumn colors of the forest around the town!

But, by coming December Christmas is close, everything now is about Christmas trees, Santa, snowmen, elves and presents!! We were spending our week prepareting an important event for the town, the Christmas tree decoration!!!

After a week preparing handcraft presents with the kindergarten and the social center, we spectated an amazing event. With the children we went to the main square, after decorating the tree they exhibited themselves in a little show, singing and dancing for the whole town!!

It was a special moment. At the end the major said few words (that we couldn’t understand!!!!), the Christmas tree was well-lighted and of course there couldn’t be fireworks!! It has been our southern Italy moment… 😀

Exo&Exo AleTeo