Back to Sofia

One message, one simple question from Maja, and that’s it ! Here I am in the train, going to Sofia for a language coffee. Five hours later (and time to enjoy the landscapes), I decide to go to the Art Hostel on foot. One extra hour (GPS jokes included) and I discover THE bar where the event will happen. Wow. Four rooms, couches, table suspended from the ceiling, table football, music I like… Don’t tell more, I’m definitely in and I know I will enjoy it !

Credit: Лили Проданова


And it’s starting: a video praising the beauty of the country (ok, I can’t deny), an explanation of different Bulgarian proverbs (a good way to understand people from here) and then, a game. On my command… Beep ! “In which region is located Tryavna ? Why trying to cook Banitsa without a Bulgarian cheese can lead you to prison ? Why can’t I pronounce хляб correctly ? And most important thing: who won the last season of The Voice Bulgaria ?”

…Wait, are we in Who wants to be a millionaire ? “Нe”, only in my mind. Actually, it was a puzzle game. Six puzzles, six pieces each. Pick a random one. The aim ? Find the people from your puzzle team and be faster than others. Who won in the end ? It doesn’t matter. “Everybody”, Maja answered. The reward ? Home-made Banitsa ! Good idea, I was hungry.

 Credits: Лили Проданова


See you soon, Aniol, Leti and Maja, and thanks again !

P.S: you like these photos and you are interested in seeing more from this photographer ? Have a look at Lili’s Instagram, a talented young woman I met at this event : l_i_l_i.p