A huge EVS family

As EVS volunteers we must take part to two meetings during our stay in Bulgaria. A great occasion to meet other volunteers from all around Europe, who like us are doing their EVS here.

We must confess that our on-arrival training was a little bit late, in fact we had it after 4 months since we arrived, and maybe this is one of the main reason because we enjoyed it so much!! We spent our first months by wondering where the other volunteers were, but then we discovered that the country was full of other crazy people, who decided to leave their comfortable home country, in order to move to this crazy nation!!

During our two training we met so many volunteers, we shared different experiences and point of view. We discovered that we weren’t the only one who have to face some problems here in Bulgaria (which are a lot, trust us!!!), indeed, almost everyone lives the same experience and has the same difficulties.

We exchanged a lot with people from other nations, having a lot of fun and making friendship. By being there we saw that speaking different languages, having another culture or origin is not a barrier, instead it is the most richness we could get during our experience!!!!

Hoping to keep meeting new people…