Gymkhana in the Kindergarten

Gymkhana in the Kindergarten!!

On June 2th we organized a gymkhana with the kindergarten. A fun morning of Spanish and not so popular games. But what is a gymkhana? and why is it an activity that children like so much?

What is the Gymkhana?

The Gymkhana is a competition between contestants that must complete a series of activities or tasks as fast as possible. The person or group that completes them faster wins the gymkhana.

Why is Gymkhana good and fun activity with people of all ages?

This game is a good excuse to meet other people by also improving coordination as well as teamwork through sports.

What kind of games will be made?

There can be countless games organized for this event. Here is the selection of a few games and it´s rules that we will organize:

  •         Panuelito: 2 teams play against each other. Each kid will be assigned a number from each team, and when the referee says one number the kid with that number from each team runs to take the flag and return to their team. The kid taking the flag first must run back to their team untouched by the opponent team player with the same number.
  •         Balloon game: The team must push up a balloon toward a circle to score a point, the team that scores more points by pushing more balloons wins the game.
  •         Footprint game: There will be in the soil sort of footprints sticked to the floor and players must walk on them as fast as possible to win the race.
  •         Animal’s race: kids must imitate the animal movement and sound and race each other. Here are some examples:

–          Donkey: Four legs + braying.

–          Duck: squatting + “quack, quack”.

–          Legless sheep: 2 hands and one leg + “beee”

–          Bear: moving leg and arm from same side + bear sound

–          Crab: legs and hands in the floor but moving upside down.

–          Frog: Squatting with hands between legs + frog sound.

–          Elephant: stiff legs and arms + elephant sound.

–          Gorilla: hands on knees and walking making silly faces and sounds.

  •         Basket: Each child has to throw the ball on a carton surface with a hole
  •         Worm race: kids will stand in a line one after another.  They will have to pass through their legs to the kids behind him and the last kids will run with the ball in first position. They will have to reach a point this way to score the point.

All these games were a lot of fun for the children of Kalina, we were able to play both individual and competitive games. All of them went perfectly, although with some ” wounded ” (nothing serious really happened). The game that called the most attention was the panuelito game, being new and competitive the kids enjoyed it a lot. This is a typical game that is played in Spain in all the school playgrounds, and obviously we wanted to play it in the kindergarten playground, it made us very happy.


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