“3 in 1”

International Training Course
“3 in 1”


Therapy through art, drama and music.

This project was a great opportunity for youth workers who want to improve their skills in therapy through drama, music and art in multisensor Snoezelen room.

Methodology mixед theoretical and practical sessions. The accent was on practical experience which can be used in workers´ practice. Sessions were interactive and the participants were involved in all activities.
Used methods were: brainstorming, sharing experience, group and individual tasks, discussions, good practices, learning by own experience.

In the TC took part 27 participants from 7 countries:

  1. Czech Republic – Rodinné centrum Kamarád – Nenuda o.s
  2. France – Les Chemins de l´Europe
  3. Turkey – Symrnes Ogretmen Akademisi
  4. Bulgaria – “The Change is in You”Association
  5. Romania – Association for Children and Youth 4 U
  6. Cyprus – New Hope
  7. Italy – Citta di Torino